You'll want to get some effective and good value money writing tools to help you writing and reading.


2nd Speech Center converts any text into spoken words or even MP3/WAVE audio files. Text-to-speech player that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen.  Great program for listening to stories, novels and poems on your favorite websites and in word.  You can also simply copy text and have it automatically go into 2nd Speech Center and have it read back to you.  Want to listen to your favorite story while jogging or riding the bus?  Simply copy the text into mp3 format and send it to your mp3 player!  A great program because writers should be readers!  2nd Speech Center will save you time and improve your fiction ear!


Writers reach time and time again for the dictionary, the thesaurus, and even sometimes search the web for word history.  That's a lot of work.  WordWebPro does all that by highlighting the word then press control+right mouse click from almost any program you're currently using!  Looking up a words has never been easier.  It shows definitions, synonyms and related words. It includes pronunciations and usage examples, and has helpful spelling and sounds-like links.  

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Intensity.  Another way to define fiction writing. If you don't like your characters, how can you expect readers to find them fascinating.  Characters should be exaggerated: bad guys really bad and good guys really good.  Like the video below explains:  If you're gonna ...
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Poetry and prose fiction contains five basic elements
Nouns, Verbs Adjectives, Adverbs and Propositions.  Ah!  Let's skip the text book explanation.  Read the best fiction explaination in Eleanor Arnason fiction story!  The Grammarian's Five Daughters

I admit.  I haven't read all these
Pulitzer Prize fiction books but ...
preview the list anyway. See how
many you've read.
Everything you've always wanted to know about poetry but were afraid to asks?
Bob's Byway 
Reading quotes might jump start a poem, story or novel.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotes contains modern and ancient expressions to inspire you.

Whatever they say about Silva Plath's personal life, no one can deny she mastered creating metaphors!!

Check out 
230 SP poems online!
Have fun brainstorming your novel, short story or poem with Thinkgraph's free mindmap software. 

Don't know how to mindmap?
click here

Take a successful, national-known poet.  Have them compose a 15 minute poem.  You, the readers, get to watch every word and phrase, put on paper, every word and phrase taken off the page in real time!  Watch the process of poetry upclose.

20,000  to 100,000

Plain Text
Adobe PDF

project gutenberg

Feminist Book Summaries!

So little time... 

Sunshine for Women 
compiled an impressive list of book summaries from classics such as:

* Millett, Kate, Sexual Politics
* de Pizan, Christine,  Book of
   the City of Ladies , (1405)  
* A History of Women in
   Science from Antiquity
   through Nineteenth Century
After searching high and low, east and west, I found some great female movie monologues!

One solution is understanding fallacious reasoning, or fallacious arguments presented during the news. Once you recognize these false arguments, the news becomes easier to understand.

The Fallaciouis Handout


Another solution is always check more news outlets.  Some particular good news outlets are:

Democracy Now
Bill Moyer's Journal
Frontline Online

You can watch video streams news formats and a wealth of archive programs about today's world events.
Beloit College Mindset List

Each generation enters a reality formed by recent events.
For some Chicago has always been a place not a Rock Music group;
For others, Prom Dresses have always come in basic black; and
Stranger still, Women Studies have always been on campus!

WordWeb Pro
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