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In the late 1900s  and early first fifty years of the new millennium there was a girl, many girls in fact and women, too, who tired of boys and men being the heroes.  Being born female was hard and involved much struggle.  These girls and women wanted to read about girls and women who were subjects.  They longed to read about girls and women who took charge of their lives, who fought against the misogyny and injustices about them.  No longer did they want to read about the female perspective on life being ignored.  Sometimes it was a story that took them back into the past; another story projected the girls and women readers into the future; still other stories centered on female sexuality.  Women and girls loved seeing how if their sexual drives and desired became the focus point how this turned an event or story into something amazing and powerful.  Those late 1900s and early first fifty years of the new millennium girls and women searched and searched and search all over the Internet land to no avail.  

Finally, they found a strange little website, Cupiderosbooks.com.  And the feminist website, Cupiderosbooks.com, had not only stories in flash, short stories, novellas, but also good powerful poems as well.  The fiction on this website covered, erotica, SF, romance, fantasy, literary, children’s stories, epic poems, short poems, things that inspired girls and women to take charge of their lives in new and fascinating ways.  Quietly the girls and women would partake in the fiction and poetry and keep them quietly to themselves.  They kept the website and stories quiet, because they were so different and powerful.  However, eventually, the girls and women began to share the stories and website with other girls and women.  Those new girls and women started reading the free stuff, and started buying the books of prose and poetry  They realized girls and women really did matter to life; life from the everyday to the fantastic; life without sex to life dealing with intense sexuality.  

On and on it went, until the feminist website became a regular place for the girls and women to visit to re-energize themselves and plan their next step into making the world a better place for women and girls.  If you are new to this site, Cupiderosbooks.com, stick around, read the free stuff—only remember the print books and eBooks contains more treasures troves for the female spirit of today and tomorrow.


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I state clearly, I do not believe in fan fiction.  All the characters in any of my novels, novellas or my short stories, flash stories, songs and poems, plays are the sole creation of Cupideros.  And thus cannot be written about by anyone but Cupideros.

May 14, 2012
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